We know that you have many choices when deciding to purchase a Designer Replica wedding, prom or other formal occasion dress; but shopping on the internet can be hazardous to your bank account.  Here are just a few things to consider:


1.  Location - Most custom dress companies are based in China.  You can tell this by looking at their website.

a.  The photos on the site are of designer dresses but they are at prices below MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price).  All designer dresses should be sold at the same price no matter the website if they are the "real" thing.  In other words, if you see a deal that is "too good to be true", that's because it is.  These sites are considered a scam because they are showing you one item and selling you something else.  You see a photo of a designer dress but they are selling you a knock-off.

b.  They either won't have an About Us section or their About Us section will tell you this specifically.  This is not always a bad thing, but it does mean you need to read the fine print before purchasing from them.

2.  Shipping - You may have to pay customs fees on your purchase.  While you may get a good price for your dress, customs fees can really add up.  Fees can range as high as $40-50 for one dress.  King's Court Gowns is based here in the United States so you don't have to worry about paying customs fees for your handmade gown.

3.  Sizing - Some sites will tell you that they don't guarantee the sizing to be exact.  They say it will be within one inch of either direction and that there is extra material built into the dress so that you can have it altered if needed.  Alterations in the United States are very expensive and it is much more difficult for a seamstress to alter a dress they did not make than their own.  Some sites say they will pay you a portion of the alterations fee and some will not pay any of it.  Getting money refunded from these sites can be frustrating and time consuming.  In our opinion, this defeats the purpose of purchasing a custom, handmade gown.

4. Testimonials/Replicas - Our website has 100's of testimonial photos and actual photos of our handmade gowns.  On the Chinese sites you never see real pictures of the gowns that they have made.  You are taking a chance of ordering a dress from an unknown company, in a foreign country with no real proof that they can do what they say they can do.  Our pictures speak for themselves, and if they don't, our customer's testimonials sure do.  We have had so many customers end up with us because they ordered somewhere else first and either never received their dress or they did and it looked nothing like the photo they ordered from and they are out the money.

5.  Returns - Read their return policies and you will see that even if they send you the wrong size dress, the wrong color dress or even the completely wrong item, you have to pay the return shipping cost.  Seems insane; but true - and it happens more often than you would think.  Shipping a dress to China via USPS (with tracking, which is mandatory) can cost between $50-80.  Sometimes even if you are getting a refund, there is a restocking fee on top of that.  Also, because you are dealing with foreign banks, it is sometimes impossible to get a refund.  We measure and photograph every dress before it is shipped to guarantee that you receive exactly what you purchased.

6.  Reviews - Before you make a purchase online, check to see if the site has any complaints with the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org/search/).  You can also see if they are listed as a scam or counter-fit site at www.toppromwebsites.com/knock-off-prom-dresses-list.html.  Scam Advisor can also give you some information on the website domain and their trust worthiness (www.scamadvisor.com).

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Thus far, our handmade gowns have been sold to women in 39 states and shipped to six countries, including England, Australia, Mexico, Cuba, Honduras and Canada.

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King's Court Gowns was honored with the cover of the 2010 Florida Quince Guide.

King's Court Gowns was named the #1 Bridal and Formal Wear Shop in Polk County in 2012.

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Since opening in 2008, King's Court Gowns has sold over 950 handmade, Designer Replicas.

DeeDee Jones received an Honorable Mention in Entrepreneurship at the Golden Garland Awards in 2012 as owner of King's Court Gowns.

King's Court Gowns is an online shopping experience for bridal and formal gowns started in 2008 by owner DeeDee Jones who saw a need for a place that offered gowns for women who wanted something unique and personal.  Department stores offer very little selection, sell too many of the same gown and don't offer a large variety of sizes.  Boutiques have more selection and sizes, but their prices are so high that the average customer can't afford to shop there.  Both offer only off-the-rack choices to women who may not be of average height or size.  King's Court Gowns caters to all women who want to feel like a princess for a day.  Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.  We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our prices are lower than our competitors and the big chain stores, and since you are ordering a custom, handmade gown, there are no expensive alterations on top of the price of the dress.  Our Designer Replicas offer women an affordable alternative.