Gowns that make you look and feel like a princess.

Taylor - Prom 2011 (Lake Wales, FL)

"Thank you so much for the dress, everybody at prom and my family loved it!"

Marie - Married September 24, 2011 (Lakeland, FL) 

"As the wedding day creeps on up, I am very excited and knowing that I am going to be wearing the dress I love!  My experience overall with your business has been wonderful. The looking at the dress styles and picking the fabric and colors was perfect!  The fitting was perfect!  I wanted to make sure that I told you that I am very pleased with my dress.  God Bless you DeeDee."

Joyceann - Married July 23, 2011 (Lakeland, FL); Bridesmaids - Lynn, Crystal, Adrianna and Jo

"Shopping for a Bridal Gown was so stressful not to mention a bank braker!  Everything I fell in love with was well over $1,000.  That was until I had a chance meeting with DeeDee Jones, owner of King's Court Gowns.  DeeDee listened to my desires of the dress style I wanted, I showed her a picture of what I had in mind for me as well as my attendants and the end result was a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DRESS exactly what I wanted for about $300.00.  My attendants were much less than that and...one of my favorite ideas about her dresses are, they are made to fit you, not just pulled off a rack.  Simply Beautiful!  I would recommend this vendor to anyone!"

Denise - Married June 4, 2011 (Lakeland, FL); Bridesmaids - Tiffany, Terry and Courtney 

"I love my dress and the girls' dresses and every one that was at the wedding loved them.  I have given your card to all my friends.  Thanks for all your help and I will send pics asap."..."I still love my dress and wish I could wear it every day. LOL!  I did not want to take it off, I wanted to sleep in it, but Michael wouldn't let me."

Melissa - Prom 2009 (Penryn, CA)

"Thanks so much for your help with my daughter's dress order.  It's her senior ball dress and we shopped for quite awhile till she found the perfect one from King's Court.  It will be a special night she won't forget and she'll be looking like a beauty queen.  You must get great satisfaction knowing you are a part of making dreams come true.  Thanks So Much!!!!....I finally came across the photo of my daughter in the gown she bought from you.  She was so excited to go to the prom and she loved her dress...can't you tell by her facial expression and pose!  It was exactly what she was looking for and she found it on the King's Court Gown website.  Thanks so much for sending her dress so quickly." - Mom & Melissa

Rebecca - Married February 19, 2010 (Riverview, FL); Bridesmaids - Junie, Widelyn, Geraldine, Dorothy, Bithia; Flower Girl - Leila 

"Everything was so beautiful and went really well.  Thanks for everything you did."

Megan - Married November 20, 2010

(Plant City, FL); Bridesmaids - Amy, Lindsey, Andrea, Mary, Rachel, Kristen, Laura, Jessica; Mother of the Bride - Dee

"Thank you so much, for everything you did for me.  The dress was gorgeous, but you were such an amazing part of my whole wedding experience!"

Vilma - Married October 2, 2010 (Tampa, FL), Married January 8, 2012 in Brazil

"Our wedding was a success.  The dress was soooo beautiful.  Very soon we will have another wedding in my home country and I will get another beautiful wedding dress for that celebration as well.  Thanks for everything you did so far."

Amanda - Prom 2011 (Lakeland, FL)

"I was looking at your website again and have already seen a few dresses that look perfect for senior year!  I will definitely be buying dresses from King's Court Gowns in the future and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others."

Jeselica - Quince 2010 (Spring Hill,  FL)

"We were so stressed about finding the perfect dress for my daughter's Sweet Fifteen.  I ran into your website and made an appointment and as soon as we walked into your business, I knew we came to the right place.  After only trying on a couple of dresses, we found "the one".  She looked so beautiful and received endless compliments that night.  I would recommend anyone to King's Court Gowns.  Your professionalism and patience are so appreciated.  You made this process so easy and enjoyable for us.  The affordability and quality you offer is hard to find!  we will be shopping with you again.  Thank you so much!!!"

Kyndal - Married August 20, 2009 (Lakeland, FL)

"The staff at King's Court Gowns made all the difference in how my wedding day turned out to be so magical.  I truly felt like a princess on one of the most important days of my life.  King's Court Gowns provides such dependable and professional service while demonstrating a sincere passion for helping all of their clients discover their inner princess.  I was able to view my choices in advance, try as many options as I pleased, and even change details in the design of the dress I chose (such as adding a halter strap and a modesty panel).  King's Court Gowns offers such quality that you will walk away feeling like you found your perfect gown, at the perfect price, with the perfect company.  They are sure to make your special occasion positively perfect!"

Allison - Married October 09, 2010 (Winter Haven, FL)

"Thanks so much for making a beautiful gown!"

Debbie - Married April 3, 2010 (Lakeland, FL)

"The wedding dress was just what I wanted and it was so comfortable.  I felt like the princess like I wanted to be that day."

Kristian - Prom 2010 (Lakeland, FL)

"Everyone complimented my dress at prom!  I felt like a princess, and it was just so perfect.  I loved every minute of wearing this dress and I can't wait to find another excuse to wear it!  Thank you so much!"

Katherine - Pageant, 2010 (Grenada, MS)

"We have received the dress and it is beautfiul.  Thank you for such a beautiful gown at a great price.  Thank you for your prompt service; we will definitely be shopping with you again in the future." - Mom & Katherine

Destiny - Married June 24, 2010 (Winter Haven, FL);
Bridesmaids - Crystal, Nikki and Leah

"Thank you so much for my beautiful dresses, they were a hit!"

Amy - Married December 19, 2009 (Wake Forest, NC); Bridesmaids - Kyndal, Regina, Megan,Tiana, Amber, Mary; Mother of the Bride - Dee

"DeeDee, thank you so much for helping me create my dream wedding dress!  It was absolutely perfect!  And the bridesaids dresses were beautfiul!  Thank you for all your time and energy to make my wedding day so special!"

Christine - Married July 18, 2009
(Lakeland, FL)

"My dress that I wore on my wedding day was absolutely amazing.  Who knew that you could get a wedding dress that was made to fit me, for under $200, and look like you paid thousands of dollars for it.  Thanks to King's Court Gowns for giving me the perfect dress for my perfect day.  I will definitely recommend you guys.  Thanks so much."

Photography by Jerome Lim 
2010 (Las Vegas, NV)

"I used this beautiful mermaid type gown for a recent photo shoot.  My concept was to use a beautiful model with a form fitting gown that complimented a feathered headpiece I hand made.  I wanted to create a look of a bird like model free from a cage.  The piece currently is in a local art gallery in Las Vegas and gets great reviews!"

Brooke - Prom 2010 (Valrico, FL)

"Brooke just loved her dress you made for her.  There were so many people that asked us about her dress and where we purchased it.  We appreciate you helping make her senior prom so special.  You are the best and did such a nice job.  Everyone just loved her dress and told her she had the most beautfiul dress at the prom." - Mom

Aliyah - Sweet 16, 2010 (Lakeland, FL)

"I was in desperate mode to find my daughter a dress and did not know where to go.  Someone from the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce told me to try King's Court Gowns.  DeeDee was wonderful!  I loved the whole set up and personalized attention.  It was like preparing me for when my baby get's married.  Thank you, DeeDee." - Mom & Aliyah

Kelly - Mardi Gras Ball 2010 (Oberlin, LA)

"Thanks again for everything.  Everybody LOVED my dress!  I had people wanting to borrow it, but I am not that nice.  Ha! Ha!"

Shaquota - Prom 2009 (Haines City, FL)

"Everything went perfect!  I had a lot of compliments on my dress.  I would like to thank you for your time in helping me pick the perfect dress for my prom."

Kayla - Prom 2009 (Bartow, FL)

"I got so many compliments, everybody said I looked like a princess...but then again, prince charming was there too."

Amber - Married November 6, 2009 (Lakeland, FL); Heather - Bridesmaid

"When I got engaged, one of the first things I did was look for my dream dress.      I went to any bridal shop and boutique around and I always ran into the same problems; rude sales women, size 2 samples, overpriced, or nothing that caught my eye.  Then I ran across an article about King's Court Gowns and decided to give it a shot.  I called DeeDee and explained what I was looking for and she was more than willing to help.  I found my dream dress and was able to actually try on the sample!  Finally, I had found what I was looking for from someone I trusted and felt totally at ease with.  I had such a wonderful experience with DeeDee and her gowns that I even got my Maid of Honor's dress from them as well!  King's Court Gowns is amazing and I recommend them to any and everyone I run into.  On the day of my wedding everyone complimented my wedding dress and could not believe the price I had paid for it!!! Thank you DeeDee and King's Court Gowns for making me feel like a Princess on my special day!"

Ariel - Prom 2009 (Miami, FL)

"The dress was a huge success!  I felt like a princess, while everyone said I looked like one.  My prom was magical.  Thank you King's Court Gowns for making my dreams come true."

Testimonials 2009-2013

Amber -  Married May 30, 2012 (Winter Park, FL); Bridesmaids - Tonya, Elie and Sommer

"The dresses that I received for my wedding were absolutely amazing.  My wedding dress as well as the dresses for my bridesmaids ordered looked even better once we received them then they did in the pictures and they were very reasonably priced.  Would definitely recommend anyone to King's Court Gowns in the future for any special occasion dress."

Melissa - Married October 7, 2012 (Brandon, FL)

"I bought my wedding gown from King's Court Gowns.  I was able to find my dream dress at King's Court and with a couple of alterations, it was perfect for my big day!  I also love supporting small, local businesses."

Ashlan - Homecoming 2012 (Winter Haven, FL)

"I loved my dress that I bought from King's Court Gowns, this store allows you to buy beautiful dresses at a great price.  Ms. DeeDee made me feel at home and was sincerely concerned about what made me feel and look like a princess."

Aleia -  Prom 2012 (Bartow, FL)

"Thank you very much, if it wasn't for your dress I wouldn't have looked as beautiful as I did.  I absolutely love my dress!!!  I received a lot of compliments and I recommended you to all my friends.  I can't wait to buy another dress from you."

Madison - National American Miss Pageant 2012 (Lakeland, FL)

"We got the dress from DeeDee Jones - King's Court Gowns - DeeDee is great - I highly recommend her!" - Mom

Stacey - Married April 20, 2012 
(Lakeland, FL)

"This dress was perfect.  Not only was the price perfect, but the dress itself was absolutely gorgeous."

Chelsea - Prom 2011 (Lakeland, FL)

"I couldn't have asked for a better dress anywhere else.  Nothing made me feel better than receiving endless compliments from people I didn't know; someone even started singing the Ms. America song!  This dress made my prom night into something unforgettable."

Ingrid - Married March 5, 2011
(Lake Wales, FL)

"I just wanted to say that the dress I bought from King's Court Gowns was perfect for the outdoor, country setting that we had for our wedding.  I would recommend anyone to check you out!  Thanks again."

Natalie - Married September 24, 2011
(Lakeland, FL)

"Thank you so much for making me feel so beautiful! You are grisly awesome!"

Margaret - Opera Singer 2011 (Alvina, FL)

"I bought this gown from King's Court Gowns and I am very pleased with my purchase!  The owner is very nice and willing to help you find a gown that you love!"

Elizabeth - Prom 2010 (Kunkletown, PA)

"Thank you again for the beautiful dress.  My daughter got so many compliments.  The dress fit like a glove and was absolutely stunning.  Thank you again and I highly recommend all of your dresses." - Mom

Savannah - Prom 2011 (Bartow, FL)

"DeeDee, thanks again for all of your time and help in finding the PERFECT dress.  We can't express how much we enjoyed the personal service and appreciate the time you spent with us.  King's Court Gowns will forever be our first stop for future dress needs."

Amanda - Prom 2010 (Avon Park, FL)

"Thank you so much for helping to make this a VERY special day!"

Emily - Prom 2011 (Forest Hill, FL)

"The dress was elegant and she was beautiful.  Thanks again!" - Mom & Emily

Ashley - Prom 2011 (Lakeland, FL)

"Thank you she loved the dress so much!" - Mom

Kandace - Married April 17, 2010 (Frostproof, FL)

"Thank you so much for ensuring that my dress was perfect.  I really appreciate that!  It all came together so well and your help made it that much easier.  Thanks again."

Precious - Homecoming 2011 (Orlando, FL)

"Just wanted to take out some time to say thank you!!!  I just received the gown and it's beautiful; even in the garment bag!  Thank you for being so professional and making my daughter's Royal Coronation dress that true princess look.  This is her last year in high school, so trust we will be back to you for her prom dress - and I'm so excited about that.  I can't say thank you enough.  This was the best non-stressful experience I ever had!!!  Thanks again!" - mom

Nikita - Quinceanera 2010 (Springfield, MA)

"Thank you the dress was gorgeous and everyone asked where we got it."

Elizabeth - Married December 21, 2013 (Lake Hamilton, FL)

"I loved it.  Thank you again.  I felt like a PRINCESS."

Thy -  Married August 31, 2013 (Winter Haven, FL)

"I loved how my dress turned out before, but seeing it in pictures has made my day even more memorable.  That is all everyone commented about and they cannot believe me when I tell them how much I spent on it; and of course I gave them your information.  I am so glad that I found you and more people are finding out about you.  Thank you so much for making my designer dress without the designer price."

Bree - Prom 2012 (Bartow, FL)

"I loved my dress!  It was the first time I had ever worn a ball gown style dress and I felt like a Princess!  It was nice to be confident that no one else would have my dress and everyone who saw me said I looked beautiful! Thank you for helping to make my first prom amazing."

Danielle - Prom 2012 (Bartow, FL)

"I love my dress so much!  The dress was very unique and special.  The color and details are gorgeous.  It's my favorite dress I've ever had.  Bree's was very beautiful as well.  Thank you for helping make me feel like a princess."

Lexi - Military Ball 2011 (Lakeland, FL)

"I absolutely love this dress and am so glad I bought it.  I was unsure at first, but when I tried it on, I knew it was the one.  I received so many compliments and had several women ask where I had gotten my dress.  I definitely stood out and even had the Sergeant Major tell me what wonderful taste I had.  Everyone told me how beautiful I looked.  I will definitely come back to King's Court Gowns for my next dress...even if I do live in North Carolina.  I won't go anywhere else.  Thank you so much!"

Kayla - Married October 22,  2011
(Lakeland, FL); Bridesmaid - Connie

"King's Court Gowns was amazing!  My wedding dress was everything I ever dreamed of and the price was much less then the big bridal stores.  It fit perfectly and was a dream come true.  Because my dress was so perfect we got my maid of honor gown at King's Court Gowns as well.  We picked her dress off the rack and had it altered, when we picked it up we were both very happy.  I never want to buy a formal gown anywhere else!  Thanks, DeeDee!"

Taylor - Prom 2011 (Avon Park, FL)

"I cannot thank King's Court Gowns enough for just existing.  I really wanted to feel beautiful at a dance for once.  After all, it's my senior year.  This was my last chance to shine  I'm a huge fan of princesses and all things Disney.  I didn't want a bland, contemporary dress with a print or a little strapless dress.  I really wanted something elegant and old-fashioned.  I could not have envisoned more.  The fit was perfect and the service I received was extraordinary.  Thank you so much for giving me the chance to be a princess."

Britny - Prom 2010 (Lakeland, FL)

"I loved my dress so much, it was perfect for me.  Thank you so much."

Katie - Prom 2011 (Sebring, FL)

"We loved the dress.  Thank you so much."

Mary & Ashley - Prom 2013 (Winter Haven, FL)

"My experience with King's Court Gowns was better than a regular bridal shop.  Being able to pick out a dress one-on-one with Ms. DeeDee was awesome!  I was a very last minute customer and she got me in quickly and my alterations were done perfectly within the next week!  King's Court Gowns saved my prom! XOXO" - Ashley

Kiara - Prom 2012 (Lakeland, FL)

"I had a wonderful experience with King's Court Gowns.  My dress was gorgeous and I received a lot of compliments.  The prices were much more reasonable than ALL the other places I went.  I had a beautiful dress, at a beautfiul price, for a beautiful occasion."

Melissa - Prom 2012 (Lake Alfred, FL)

"This was my senior prom so I wanted a really special dress and I found it at King's Court Gowns!  Thank you so much!"

Lauren - Married June 4, 2011 (Lakeland, FL); Bridesmaids - Amber, Stephanie and Tisa

"Wedding was beautiful thank you!!!"