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Measure from the tip of your shoulder to the floor with shoes on from the back

5.  Armseye - This isn't a measurement you can take by yourself.  While holding your arm out, have the person taking your measurements wrap the measuring tape around your shoulder and underneath your armpit, then lower your arm to get an accurate measurement.  If you do not lower your arm the measurement will be smaller than necessary.  Do not pull the tape tight while taking this measurement.  You need to make sure you can move your arm freely.

1.  Bust - Don't take this measurement while wearing a bra unless you plan on wearing a bra underneath your dress.  Each one of our gowns comes with a build in bra, so wearing your own is unnecessary.  To take your bust measurement, we recommend wearing only a tank top with a shelf bra or a bandeau bra.  These articles of clothing will not add extra inches to the measurement but will keep your breast in a normal position for measuring purposes.

2.  Waist - This measurement needs to be taken at the smallest part of your torso; at your natural waistline.  Not at the place where your low rise jeans hit your stomach.

3.  Hips - This measurement should be taken approximately 2-4 inches below your belly button across your hip bones and around the fullest part of your butt.

4.  Thighs - This measurement is several inches lower than your hips.  It should be taken around the fullest part of your thighs and across your private parts.

Guidelines For Taking Accurate Measurements



Important Things to Consider When Ordering a Custom Made Gown

1.  You may want to consider having your measurements taken by a professional when thinking about ordering a custom made gown.  This is the most important step in the ordering process.  Having the measurements off by even an inch or two can mean hundreds of dollars in unnecessary alterations costs.

2.  Lace-ups are the way to go.  Not only are you going to get a better fit, but if you go up or down a dress size you are still going to be able to fit into your dress.  The lace-up will insure your strapless dress stays in place throughout the night.  Besides, the lace-up back adds a beautiful element to any gown.

3.  If you have questions...ASK....don't guess.  Custom made gowns are one-of-a-kind gowns made exactly to specific specifications and measurements for one customer.  Once it is made, there is no way to change it, so if you have questions, ask them before you place the order.


Fill out the contact form and send us as much information about the gown as you can (please add us to your safe

senders list to make sure you'll receive our emails). 



We will email you a quote for your Designer Replica.


Order your Designer Replica at a fraction of the cost of buying off the rack somewhere else.  We'll send you a custom order form to complete with your measurements, you'll choose from over 100 colors, decide on your options and in just 6-8 weeks (plus shipping time) you will have your custom order dream dress.  Rush order options are available for an additional fee.


Choose the style of gown you would like to have made to your exact measurements.  NOTE:  You must choose one style in its entirety.  Then you will have your choice of:

Color (material and beading)

Straps (add or remove)

Closure (zipper or lace-up)

Train Length (add or remove) 

Colors may vary on different computer screens and  monitors.  We can not guarantee an exact color match.

The best way to make sure you get the color you want is to mail us a swatch of your desired color.